A handcraftship company that makes ice cream that is seeking to provide happiness in each flavour.

Golat takes you to those moments when time stands still, the smile returns and the mind rests. We are in love with the culture of traditional ice cream; we love to show and teach how it is made.

The production of our ice creams is daily and totally handmade, which requires time, love and a fair measure of each of the ingredients. the taste of a real artisan ice cream.

At Golat we use only local and organic fruit. This ensures that we can enjoy each variety of fruit in its optimal state of ripeness. The artisanal process is made by our workshop with seasonal products, and whenever possible, bio and km 0.

The main ingredient that we use to make our ice creams is milk, for this reason we use the best milk in Mallorca. That is why we offer a wide variety of flavors, the happiness that this brings and all this without leaving home (we deliver it to your door). A Golat, a smile.



We are happy that you would like to join our family. Please fill in the survey and discover the happiness behind Golat. We will send you our flavour catalog and some information about the brand.