Check your doubts on the questions below and if it is not there, please contact us wherever is more convenient for you. 

Can I order any time of the day?

Sure no problem, however we do have a schedule for delivery among these hours: 11:00-20:00.

How much is the delivery?

All the orders above 20€ have FREE DELIVERY in Palma and surroundings. 

Which areas of Mallorca do you deliver?

Palma and surroundings (Marratxi, Llucmajor, Andratx, Calvia, …)

Check with us if your are with your order is free of charged. If you live further, we also deliver but there is a small fee, do not hesitate to ask us.  

Do you have a store?

No, we don’t have a store, we have workshop where our ice cream craftman makes magic happen. 

If you do wish to visit, we would be delighted to show you, but please request a proper visit permission through email or by phone.

Our spot is in Calle Miguel Santandreu 10 bajos (Palma)

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our Social Media (Facebook or Instagram), by email to: golathelados@gmail.com, through our website survey or by phone on: +34 676596509 .

Can I request a flavour that is not in the menu?

We never put limit to share happiness even though we do not have that flavour. For that we allow you to contact us and tell us which one you would like us to make.

Although take into consideration that to make magic happen we need some time to make the flavour and to have the necessary ingredients.

Contact us by email or phone and we will explain you the process. 

The minim order for a flavour out of the menu is 2l. 

What happens if I get a wrong flavour?

Nothing to worry about, we will bring the correct flavour without charged and you can keep the other one to share Golat happiness with your beloved. 

What is Km. 0?

Km. 0 means that the ingredients are local and seasonal, and this is how Golat works. 

Are there any risks to eat Golat?

Sure, the risk of not getting an additional happiness in your scoop. 🙂

Apart from that, you are safed! Check in our flavours page the possible allergic ingredients that might have and if you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask. 

Can I use them to make desserts?

You sure can, your guests will be happy to try your desserts with the Golat.

What are the ingredients of Golat ice cream?

All the ice creams are based on milk, the key ingredient to all of them, except for the sorbet which are vegan. A excepción de los sorbetes que son totalmente veganos, el resto de helado 

The basic different between and industrial ice cream and the handmade one, is that the first has 15% of fat which on the other hand the second just has 4 until 8% of fat.

How many calories does your ice cream have?

As you are going to eat ice cream, why do you eat the tastier and handmade one?

A handmade ice cream has: : 5g of fat; 20g of sugar which is 200kl. 

An industrial ice cream has:: 15g of fat; 30g of sugar which is 250kl.

Apart from the major benefits of relax and joy, eating ice cream is good for mind and body as some of the flavours and their ingredients contains minerals, vitamins and proteins. 

How can I pay?

You can pay through bizum to the mobile number that you order or by credit card when the order is delivered.

Can I sell Golat in my store or restaurant?

Of course, we would be delighted by you joining our spirit of sharing happiness with each flavour that we offer. 

Contact us and we will make you a customized proposal.

What is the benefit for my store?

You have a wide variety of flavours and desserts in your store plus you can explain to your customers that you work with a brand from Mallorca, that makes ice creams with the traditional recipes and with local, natural product and when is possible ecological.  

Do you still have doubts?

Contact us for more information